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Nominated for Best Student Game at The Game Awards 2018

Dash Quasar

is a seated Oculus VR game about the imaginary games we all played as children. You are Alex, and you are grounded. In an attempt to combat your crippling boredom you play your favorite imaginary video game, Dash Quasar.

Use everyday household items to interface with the imaginary world. Use a hammer to repair your ship, a magnet to deflect missiles, or a soda can to cast elemental magic. Do whatever it takes to bring down the evil teddy bear, Dr. Hugs.



  • 1st Place - Best Design Innovation - UCSC Sammy Showcase 2018
  • 1st Place - Best Studio - UCSC Sammy Showcase 2018


Install instructions

Only runs on Oculus

Designed for a seated experience. Position yourself so that you're sitting on the pillow.

Extract and run the executable.


DashQuasar.zip 389 MB

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